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Session 6: New Media/ Social Media, Collaboration and Sharing

New media is not considered “new” based on its release date. Rather, new media is a term used to describe non-mainstream technologies that communicate information that are mostly found on the Internet. It is a less costly way to disseminate … Continue reading

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Session 5: Presentation Forms

You have been asked to create a podcast. Which of the above tools (or name another) you would use? Briefly explain the procedure you would use to create the podcast. I researched a few voice recording apps for an iphone … Continue reading

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Session 4: Coursesite Design and Maintainance

 ADA Assignments Use what you learned from the presentation, the information in the text and other sources to answer the following: What are three types of disabilities that students in a course you create might have? Explain the accommodations that you … Continue reading

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Session 3- Media Richness

Explain Media Richness in your own words. In education, Media Richness refers to how effective the telecommunications medium an instructor uses is in relaying the necessary messages. What are the four criteria used to judge Media Richness? In this week’s … Continue reading

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