Session 10: Final Project

2015-03-12 10.06.04-1

For my final project, I have created an outline for a hybrid faith-based course geared towards adults 18 and over. It is built as a six week course with sessions 1&6 being face to face. Student-Content interactions occur with the Input section of the table I provided on the course website. Course materials will be administered in the form of pdf, podcast using SmartNote Application, videocast using GodTube and YouTube, or screencast using QuickTime/YouTube and GodTube. Student-Student interactions will occur in the Google + Organization “Answers of Faith.” The sessions are designed so that students will post each week and interact with one another within the closed organization. Student-Facilitator interactions will occur through the end of course survey and email with feedback. Below is the link to the webpage I developed that has my clear outline and course description. I am really looking forward to working with some of my colleagues and parish priests on making this project come to life! You will note that the welcome states that each session will link to a page with the course materials. None of them link to materials, yet, because none have been created. For this project, I just outlined what the course design would be and I will work with other experts to compile the course materials.

Answers of Faith

Google +

Screenshot of Answers of Faith closed Organization in Google +


About Margarita

This is my second year as a graduate student at CSUSB. I have taught in the Riverside Unified School District for eleven years. The Instructional Technology program has been extremely beneficial to my professional development as it has helped me use innovative ways in providing instruction an support to my sixth graders.
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5 Responses to Session 10: Final Project

  1. ngl8on says:

    Hi Margarita,

    Your final project has come together well. It sounded like a great deal of work to do in such a short time slot. You are amazing to have finished it so quickly, and with such grace. I wish you major success in its presentation, in these coming weeks. It has been great to be in yet another class together. Thanks also for you suggestions and support on my behalf. Great Job!



  2. Hi Margarita,
    I really like your work. I will be checking out the resources you posted for my own personal use. I’d like to hear more about it as you implement these resources in your course. Great job!


  3. gcaudill says:

    Hi Margarita,
    Your course description is very detailed and complete. It answered all the questions I had. Great work as always.


  4. Margarita says:

    Hi Guillermina,
    Absolutely impressive work! I think you actually completed two final projects because you outlined two separate courses for your second graders. You have a clear vision for what you want your students to achieve and master and the tools to get them there. Your screencasts are great and will help your students see and understand how to utilize the various technologies they will need. You always have high quality work. Can you believe we’re done, now!!


  5. edtechy says:

    Great format!


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