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This is my second year as a graduate student at CSUSB. I have taught in the Riverside Unified School District for eleven years. The Instructional Technology program has been extremely beneficial to my professional development as it has helped me use innovative ways in providing instruction an support to my sixth graders.

Session 10: Final Project

For my final project, I have created an outline for a hybrid faith-based course geared towards adults 18 and over. It is built as a six week course with sessions 1&6 being face to face. Student-Content interactions occur with the Input section of … Continue reading

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Session 9: Assessment and Survey

Survey creation and process: I have created a survey to be administered at the introduction of the course I am designing. I have decided to use Google Forms since the platform I will use for the course is Google+ and … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography: Andragogy and Online Communities

Annotated Bibliography   The topic I  chose to research was andragogy and online communities among adult learners. Most of my research during this graduate program has been in the terms of childhood learning up to the middle school level since I … Continue reading

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Session 8: Distribution of Materials and Use of Existing Materials

Discuss your investigation into distribution methods. Name the distribution methods you investigated, how you learned about them and how you might use each one you investigated. is the basic website people go to when they seek upload a video … Continue reading

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Session 7: Project Preparation

For our final project, I have selected option 2: Develop a Course Outline. I am going to use Google Plus as a platform to disseminate course objectives, assignments, and materials using the Organizations feature.  Project Prep Notes Course Description and … Continue reading

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Session 6: New Media/ Social Media, Collaboration and Sharing

New media is not considered “new” based on its release date. Rather, new media is a term used to describe non-mainstream technologies that communicate information that are mostly found on the Internet. It is a less costly way to disseminate … Continue reading

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Session 5: Presentation Forms

You have been asked to create a podcast. Which of the above tools (or name another) you would use? Briefly explain the procedure you would use to create the podcast. I researched a few voice recording apps for an iphone … Continue reading

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